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Mazavaroo® (or Maz for short) is an extra hot Chilli condiment/paste made to an authentic Mauritian family recipe and using only the freshest and choicest of ingredients. I either grow them myself or buy them from local farmers markets.

I have been making Mazavaroo® for about 25 years and originally started with my mother’s recipe, which I have modified and “tweaked” (I think for the better) ... sorry mum.

A jar of Mazavaroo® on any meal time table is a must in our house. We add it to just about anything, soup, baked beans, salsa, spaghetti bolognaise, stirred into mayonnaise to dip hot chips into. You can add it to just about anything that you would like to give a kick to, but be warned it is very hot and the heat spreads, so only start off using a small amount, you can always add more. Mazavaroo® is not only hot, but also seasoned, so it enhances the flavours of the dish you add it to, not just overpowering it with heat.

I am now just starting to market Mazavaroo® and have plans to start selling at local farmers markets. The cost of a 100g jar of Mazavaroo® is $6.50 (not including postage). If you would like to make an enquiry in regards to Mazavaroo® please head to our enquires page. If you let me know your postcode (I can only post domestically, Australia only) and how many jars you are interested in buying (no minimum purchase) and I will email you back a quote. I only accept direct deposit , Australia Post Money Order or Personal Cheque. I will post the Mazavaroo® as soon as funds clear.

All enquiries welcome, I hope to hear from you soon.

Regards Carole

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